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The CoRe has both energetic and informational therapy modes and the program uses open-ended questions and/or patient symptoms to asses underlying conditions and recommend remedies. The CoRe is especially good at assessment in difficult cases that puzzle traditional practitioners. Often, this system will provide surprisingly accurate insights that makes sense to the client.

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Do informational remedies work?

The following excerpt is from an email from another practitioner:

"I know a young girl at square dancing whose hands and feet sweat even when they are cool, i.e., when she grabs anyone's hand, hers is cold and clammy and dripping wet - very uncomfortable."

Be Well scanned and broadcast the remedy HOMEOPATHIC Causticum 6CH only once, without the girl coming into the office or knowing the exact time of the scan and balance. The practition replied afterwards:

"At Square dancing, I happened to be in the first square with her and noticed her hands were warm and only a little moist between two fingers. I asked, "What happened?" She said, "One day this week they just stopped sweating." I told her that she had been scanned and a remedy had been broadcast. I asked, "Have you done anything else that could account for the change?" She replied, "No". I asked her to take The remedy, Causticum 6CH in pellet form, which I had brought for her. By the end of the evening her hands were warm and dry all over. HER HANDS HAD BEEN COLD AND CLAMMY SINCE SHE WAS FIVE YEARS OLD. Now she's twenty.

The objectiveness and speed of the change in this case is surprising, even to our colleagues at CoRe Head Office who have seen some very interesting health improvements. Usually, a remedy is broadcast along with the hard remedy. In this case, the initial change can seemingly only be attributed to the broadcast remedy.