Be Well - Alternative Health Care

The L.I.F.E. System is a detailed energetic scanning device which scans for the energetic signature of over 7000 substances and conditions. These include diseases, allergens, acupuncture points, homeopathic remedies, bacteria and parasites, meridians, chackras, psychological characteristics, and much more. Items which show high reactance can be balanced energetically on the device. In addition, items such as homeopathic remedies, supplements and pharmaceuticals can be energetically checked to determine compatibility and efficiency. The LIFE system helps correct many problems through Biofeedback, sound and light therapy.

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"Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) had left me unable to walk. Then I got Leukemia and could not tolerate Chemo because of the PPS. I became very anemic. It did not look good. However, after only one treatment by Be Well Centre, I had a normal white blood count. Now I have had several normal counts in a row. The only other treatment I am getting is from a Chiropractor." ~ HM.

"I had a serious auto-immune inflammatory disease which immobilized me unless I took Prednisone. Balancing on the L.I.F.E. System allowed me to come off Prednisone and function normally." ~ Jim, 57.

"My original complaint was tendonitis/bursitis/bone spur. Be Well's scan spotted a serious amino acid deficiency which can lead to Parkinson's." ~ Lynda, 51. Click here for pictures & story.