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Custom Bio-energetic Remedies and Athletic Improvement

Sport Psychologists and coaches have known for a long time that physical training alone does not make an athlete. There are also intangibles such as positive mental imaging, stress reduction, and goal rehearsal that improve performance. These intangibles can be improved by counselling, meditation and such. However, they can also often be improved much more quickly by homeopathic or energetic remedies (minutes or hours). Homeopathic remedies are not chemical and leave no traces in the blood.

The concept is simple. Imagine the body as a computer. The body’s cells and organs are its hardware. How does the hardware know what to do? What is the body’s software? Where are the operating instructions that it needs to run the hardware? Information and energy fields underlie the body and serve as its master operating system (its software). Correct the body’s control system and enhance its energy systems and the body can be more effective and efficient. In addition, the body will work properly and maintain a state of robust health.

Several companies make computerized bio-energetic devices which correct the control systems of the body and the brain (Biofeedback). They also make devices which can assess what therapies (homeopathics, botanicals, and supplements) will help to improve the health and efficiency of the body.

We scan athletes with these computerized devices and recommend custom blended remedies which are energetic or informational. These homeopathic remedies work quickly, usually within minutes or hours to improve the condition. Homeopathic remedies have no side effects and are undetectable in blood or urine tests because they are not chemical. We sometimes also recommend supplements and/or botanicals with the advice to the athlete that they are detectable.

Bioenergetic methods seem to be able to help an entire team improve performance.

Here are some examples of how bio-energetic remedies have been used to help an athlete (or team) improve performance without using banned substances. (Details have been changed to preserve anonymity.)

1. A top prospect in baseball developed anxiety at the plate resulting in copious strikeouts. Rx: a custom blended homeopathic helped him relax but “see the ball.” First game he drew three walks and went on to hit .300 for the season.

2. A national athlete showed great promise in training but on “Game Day” performance was disappointing. Bioenergetic scan indicated endogenous anxiety. Rx: Long distance bioenergetic balancing and a homeopathic remedy on “game day.” Result: On the next outing the athlete won a prestigious national contest.

3. After a field accident a top player ended up with a cracked bone and bruising. Rx: a custom blended remedy healed the cracked bone and the bruising 50% faster than expected. As a precaution this remedy was used daily for the rest of the season.

4. A seasoned baseball pitcher developed muscle/joint strain near the end of the season from overuse. Rx: a custom blended homeopathic spray helped him recover in a week. He uses the same remedy as a preventative before practice and games.

5. A young pitcher developed fear when facing tough opponents. He never lost control of his pitches but was afraid to throw strikes, so he walked in runs. Rx. A custom blended homeopathic remedy taken before games helped him overcome this fear and he went on to pitch well.

6. A team was losing a pivotal contest after one interval because of “bad bounces” and disorganized play. Bioenergetic scanning was applied and in the second interval, the team caught up and never looked back for the entire series.

Cautions: Bioenergetic techniques are not a substitute for proper rest, nutrition, and coaching, training and medical treatments. In addition, bioenergetic treatment alone will not make a local athlete into a national athlete nor will it equalize outmatched teams.

Bioenergetic treatment is in its infancy but many athletes are now using it. It has the potential to subtly improve the performance of athletes and teams.