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The pictures below are of the same heel taken before and after several biofeedback treatments. The bone spur was originally the size of half a golf ball. It was so large that the person could not wear a shoe with a back. She had so much pain she could hardly walk.

We took the first picture after three treatments when it became obvious that the spur was diminishing and the pain was lessening. After a few more weekly treatments, the pain was totally gone and the heel looked normal. In addition to biofeedback, we prescribed some supplements to soften the Achilles tendon and a neurotransmitter for the brain to stimulate structure change. However we believe the heavy lifting in this case was done by biofeedback.

Before & After

What is biofeedback and how does it work?

Biofeedback refers to biological signals that are returned to the person (fed back) in order for the person to heal. The person may consciously respond to the feedback or may receive the feedback unconsciously. Here is an example of a simple conscious response: you take your temperature and note you have a fever; you can take actions such as drinking lots of liquids or bundling up and getting a good night’s sleep to reduce the fever. In the case above using a computerized device the person received feedback unconsciously and over time the body “learned” to reshape her heel and the pain disappeared. At the same time the computerized device, using biofeedback, assessed what complementary processes or medicines might possibly assist the unconscious biofeedback. The person then consciously purchased and consumed the recommended the supplements and the neurotransmitter. This computerized biofeedback which both assesses and treats is termed informational medicine and works much like homeopathy (the original informational medicine).

Biofeedback respects that everyone is different. For example: two clients each had a severe concussion and never felt well afterward. Blood tests and CAT scans were inconclusive. Biofeedback assessment for one client recommended craniosacral therapy and acupuncture as well as some homeopathics and supplements. For the other biofeedback recommended the same homeopathics but in addition a change in diet and biofeedback treatment. Both clients seem to be progressing. Biofeedback treatment is not recommended for every person or every condition but biofeedback assessment can be revealing for everyone. Each person is an individual. Listen to your body.